Advance the design of 3 WECs technologies validated by open-sea trials of scaled whole-system prototypes  and provide readiness to proceed to first of a kind commercial-scale design and testing.

The EuropeWave Challenges:

The overarching challenge:

The design, development, and demonstration of cost-effective wave energy converter systems for electrical power production that can survive in the harsh and unpredictable ocean environment.

The EuropeWave PCP challenge:

To advance promising wave energy converter systems to a point from which they can be developed to commercial exploitation through other national/regional programmes and/or private sector investment.

  • Performance: Obtain quantitative evidence of power capture and conversion capability and increase confidence in yield predictions from simulations.

  • Survivability: Demonstrate effective survival strategies.

  • Availability: Demonstrate levels of availability through reliable prototype operation.

  • Affordability: Increase confidence in estimations of technology costs (capital & operational) and determine the requirements to achieve a competitive LCOE.

An innovative stage-gate model

This industrial development process creates a ‘funnel’ via a multi-stage funding programme:


More information

Full text of the  competitive call for tenders is available here.

To complement the opening of the EuropeWave Request for Tenders, an online information session will be held on 13 July.

A business to business matchmaking facility to encourage and facilitate networking between potential consortium partners is available until 20 July 2021. Interested parties may register at


If your are a WEAMEC’s member or you would like to collaborate with WEAMEC’s members on this topic, contact us @  WEAMEC !

Dates clefs de l'appel à projet

  • 2 July 2021 - Opening date
  • 1 October 2021 - Deadline date