Projects are expected to contribute to one of the two following outcomes, exclusively:

  • The creation of systems to address large scale challenges using combined robotics data and AI solutions that have significant impact on the objectives of the green deal. For example; in improving domestic energy consumption or in the cleaning up of contaminated land and waterways or in accelerating the circular economy along the complete value chain through automated waste avoidance and waste processing or reuse of materials.
  • The creation of systems to address large scale resource optimisation challenges using combined AI and Data solutions, that have significant impact on the objectives of the green deal, such as optimisation of any kind of resources, from production to use along the complete value chain in order to minimise waste or foster the reuse of resources or in using AI and data solutions to maximize energy efficiency, ensuring energy security.

Which will contribute to

  • The validation of solutions at scale by demonstrating the potential of integrating these technologies to address challenges in industrial ecosystems and develop solutions that are environmental friendly and contribute to the green deal
  • Making and exploiting major advances in science and technology, to maintain Europe’s scientific excellence and ensure sovereignty of these key technologies expected to affect the society in contributing to addressing major societal challenges affecting the environment.
  • Exploring deployment solutions that can ensure efficient scale up.
  • Boosting the uptake of AI, Data and Robotics to exploit the major contribution expected to environmental sustainability.

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Dates clefs de l'appel à projet

  • 15 novembre 2023 - Ouverture de l'appel à projet
  • 10 mars 2024 17 h (heure de Bruxelles) - Clôture de l'appel à projet