Scope of Services

The intention of this tender is to put in place resource to assist SE and the OPIN network in the support and facilitation of Collaboration Innovation Groups (CIGs). Bidders are required to have knowledge of the European ocean energy industry, in particular the wave, tidal and offshore floating wind industry, an understanding of current strategic priorities, and of the company base within these sectors. Suppliers should show credibility & competency spanning public, private & academic boundaries.

The appointed supplier will be required to provide the following support:

Promotion of the CIG concept

The supplier will be required to promote the CIG concept to companies and encourage them to join information sessions, form collaborative groups and submit project ideas.

It is intended that each CIG will last no longer than 5-9 months and it is not intended that support will be required full time over this period.


The aim of the CIGs is for groups of organisations to work together on a specific area, looking at challenges and solutions, with the end result being that the group prepare a final report, and share their findings publicly through OPIN via a summary report.
The supplier will be required to work with SE and the OPIN partners to facilitate the work of up to 4 SME led CIGs, and provide ad-hoc advisory support for up to 4 OPIN-led CIGs. Further details about SME/OPIN led CIGs, and the scope of the project can be found below.

Dates clefs de l'appel à projet

  • 16 décembre 2020 - Ouverture de l'appel
  • 20 janvier - Fermeture de l'appel