I am a marine engineer with 11 years of experience in merchant navy. During my seafaring experience onboard various type of cargo ships, I have been involved in various projects including ship repair in drydocks, surveys, installation, commissioning, retrofitting, safe operation, maintenance, risk assessment, performance improvement of machineries & equipments, management, training & motivation of juniors.

Recently I have completed Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree in Advanced design of Ship and Offshore Structures. During my studies, I have had an opportunity to explore about theoretical and practical aspects related offshore wind energy which has developed my interest in EMR sector. I have also obtained practical training of offshore wind turbine model testing in wave basin at Ecole Centrale de Nantes.

In order to develop my knowledge and skills, I’m regularly following updates from WEAMEC, Wind Europe and various other organizations related to offshore renewable energy sector. Currently, I’m serving two survey organizations as a freelance marine & cargo surveyor and engaged in surveys, inspections, technical support, business development and consultancy.

Due to my experience in handling people from different countries around the world, I’m confident to execute projects effectively and utilize my skills to deal with various stakeholders of any given project. If I’m given an opportunity, I will bring in my best to work towards a better future for your organization. I’m holding temporary residence permit of France & I’m available to join immediately.

I’m looking for a full-time professional opportunity with an organization committed to sustainable development. Looking forward to discuss more about our collaboration during an interview.