Description du poste

A post‐doctoral position is open within the ABIOP+ project, which is dedicated to fill knowledge gaps regarding the biofouling process on floating offshore wind turbines (FOWT) and its potential effects on specific FOWT components. In particular, methodological approaches to characterize biofouling in this context will be developed where image surveys and analyses offer a promising path to achieve these objectives.
The successful candidate will work both at the University of Nantes (UN) in the Institute for research in civil engineering and mechanics (GeM, UMR CNRS 6183), under the supervision of Pr. Franck Schoefs (80%) and at France Energies Marines under the supervision of Dr. Nolwenn Quillien, research fellow in Marine Ecology in the Environmental Integration Program team, Guillaume Damblans, Technological Research Program Manager, and Dr. Morgane Lejart, Environmental Integration Program manager (20%).
Both institutes ‐ UN and FEM ‐ work together on the main objectives of studying bio‐colonization in a FOWT context in order to develop tools and methodologies allowing an improved characterization of its effects.

In this context, the postdoctoral candidate will:

  • Use and test algorithms that enable the automatic recognition of species that compose biofouling to measure 2 important variables (coverage and roughness) of an image data basis built from work in the ABIOP+ project;
  • Assimilate and compare two algorithms developed by UN in order to analyze the advantages of the different algorithms focusing on deep‐learning as an alternative of the initial model based on texture analysis;
  • Measure the detection capacity of the algorithms by testing them within virtual settings following the protocol developed by UN and collaborators1

The final objective is to enhance the measure of crucial biofouling variables based on image analysis, especially the roughness of the bio‐colonization, within different environments (e.g. variable lightness, turbidity).
To address this program, the candidate will have access to an in situ image base. Also, the candidate will work within the ABIOP+ project multidisciplinary consortium which will provide complementary expertise in probabilistic modelling, fluid‐structure interactions, benthic ecology, marine biology, material characterization, biocorrosion and the development of anti‐fouling coatings. The consortium also includes ORE developers and operators.

Modalités de candidature

Starting date, location: between April and June 2020, for a temporary position of 18 months (French “CDD”) at the University of Nantes, France.
GeM, UMR CNRS 6183
2 rue de la Houssinère
44100 Nantes
Periods of work are to be expected at the France Energies Marines headquarters in Brittany (Bâtiment Cap’Océan, 525 Avenue Alexis de Rochon, 29280 Plouzané).

Final date for applications: March 1st, 2020
Please send your CV and cover letter to the following electronic addresses: