Description du poste

We are seeking a hardworking and dedicated Postdoctoral Appointee in the Water Power Technologies Department. You will work both independently and with a multi-disciplinary team of engineers to design, execute and analyze design studies and experiments. You will have a chance to work within both Sandia’s wind and water power technologies groups. Example tasks include: computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of wave and current energy converters (WEC and CEC), designing wave energy converter including controllers and power take-off (PTO) mechanisms, field and laboratory testing of WECs and CECs, developing software tools to aid design tasks or data processing, setting up load measurement system on WECs and CECs, and documenting work through peer-review publications.

On any given day, you may be called on to:

  • Develop CFD and/or numerical model to predict WEC/CEC performance and resource at deployment site;
  • Process and analyze measurement and modeling datasets;
  • Support field and laboratory testing (device, structural and material testing);
  • Communicate research results effectively through written, oral, and other creative media methods to appropriate partners, including the funding customer;
  • Participate in developing new business through idea generation, proposal writing, and networking opportunities;
  • Partner with other researchers and departments across Sandia that work on energy systems.

Modalités de candidature