Description du poste

The list of duties detailed below is not intended to be exclusive or restrictive and may be subject to modification. Management of the SEM-REV test site, i.e. team management and organisation, project coordination, academic and
industrial relations, relations with administrative authorities and funding bodies. Development of the future SEM-REV activities in term of promotion, demo-project development, collaborative projects. Represent Centrale Nantes for SEM-REV activities with regard to specific MRE organisms and events.

Management of SEM-REV:

  • Management of the SEM-REV team in the context of the Centrale Nantes organisation and departments;
  • Coordination of existing SEM-REV projects with SEM-REV project managers;
  • Management of test preparation and test programs, including installation, O&M and dismantling. Ensuring that the test site is always fully operational;
  • Relations with legal authorities concerning permit obligations and marine safety / security procedures;
  • Reporting to Centrale Nantes Management with regard to SEM-REV activities, legal obligations, responsibilities and risks;
  • Contractual and financial coordination of SEM-REV projects in relation with funding bodies;
  • Increase efficiency of operational conditions and OPEX and development of QA procedures.

Development of SEM-REV activities and demo-projects:

  • Identification of MRE technologies and component innovations with developers;
  • Promotion strategy and actions plan to facilitate SEM-REV access to developers;
  • Development of demo-projects including tests on SEM-REV, with Centrale Nantes as subcontractor and/or as partner.

Modalités de candidature

Pour candidater, envoyez un CV de 2 pages et une lettre de motivation détaillant votre correspondance avec le poste :

Ecole Centrale de Nantes – Direction des Ressources Humaines
1 Rue de la Noë
44321 NANTES Cedex 3