MARIN offers MKB clients a free basin slot of two weeks (eighty basin hours including a qualified test engineer)and a one-day workshop with an experienced MARIN Project Manager and Project Engineer. The free basin slots allow feasibility checks and improvements in an early phase of a new concept development. They are not meant as final or formal tests of a design, or for optimisation of existing designs.

This total offer represents a value of roughly 40,000 Euros per client and is a MARIN offer to its clients (not a governmental subsidy). Clients can bring in their own models and can perform and analyse the tests themselves. However, MARIN can also assist in model making, instrumentation, analysis and reporting at regular rates.

Experience in previous years showed that clients typically spent 20,000-30,000 Euros in addition to the free basin time offered by MARIN.

Dates clefs de l'appel à projet

  • 15 novembre 2019 - Ouverture de l'appel
  • 31 décembre 2019 - Fermeture de l'appel