My main area of research interest is Aerodynamics (Studied under Prof Dr. Daniel T.H.New,NTU Singapore) and for the sake of diversifying my knowledge, I am also involved in a project related to CFD Investigation of Tandem Wing under Prof Dr. Basman Elhadidi. Through that project, I have gained a good hold over ANSYS Fluent and various kinds of meshing methodologies such as overset and adaptive meshing technique compatible for a successfulsimulation. I also possess basic knowledge of MATLAB as a basic requirement in the project.

Ideally, I wish to work towards creating a non-conventional source of energy by ameliorating the maximum efficiency that can be extracted out of a natural resource. At this juncture of my career, this internship will help me acquire comprehensive and specialized skills, widen my scope of thinking and innovation, and bring out the best in me.
My master’s degree course requires me to complete an internship (9 weeks minimum) and an original master’s thesis (6 months). Therefore, I would like to combine my internship along with the dissertation at your esteemed company, to provide enough time to effectively work on any relevant project. I believe that my skills and profile will make me an ideal candidate.