Specific skills in the MRE field

Since 2011, CETEAL is involved in the design of steel and concrete foundations for tidal turbines and offshore wind turbines. With this experience, CETEAL has made the observation that steel and concrete are two very different materials and the economic optimum can not be the same for both materials that require adapted designs.

CETEAL offer the conception of offshore Wind and Tidal Turbine foundations, Met Masts, Substations, etc. from conceptual to detailed design and construction drawings.

Armed with an Oil & Gaz and Civil Engineering experience, CETEAL opt independently for the most relevant solution choosing from the various concepts and material to be used – steel or concrete. CETEAL targeting cost and planning optimization, looking to meet construction and installation requirements.

On the ground of a strong know-how in concrete and steel structures, CETEAL design:

  • GBS
  • Monopiles
  • Jacket
  • Skirt piles
  • Electrical Substation topsides
  • Concrete/steel Hybrid Structures

Products or services in MRE



FECAMP – GBS Wind turbine foundations 2014

Client : EDF EN, Dong Energy


FECAMP – Quay reinforcement for GBS construction 2014

Client : EDF EN, Dong Energy


NOVA SCOTIA – Tidal turbine subsea base 2014-2015 / Canada

Client : DCNS, Openhydro


PAIMPOL BREHAT – Tidal turbine subsea base 2014-2015

Client : DCNS, Openhydro

XCF concrete offhore wind floater

Own product

CETEAL proposes a new wind turbine floater treating the specificities of concrete construction upstream of the design to eliminate the potential problems related to the use of this material. The results of the basin tests were very conclusive and confirm the design options.

More about these projects and other CETEAL projects :