I am a marine biologist interested in the current evolution of marine ecosystems under the drastic climatic change and the human impact, as well as the consequences in both environment and society. For this reason I would like to introduce the sustainable development in coastal zones as an element in my future work. I recently obtained my PhD degree and I would like to shift from fundamental to applied research, sustainable development and environmental education.

I consider that the development of (renewable) energies from the ocean, the sun, the force of winds, among others, are essential for the continuity and the future of our civilization. Over the last 3 million years the Earth had never experienced a (post-industrial) concentration of more than 300 ppm of CO2 (currently it is 420 ppm), with an average of 270 ppm in the past interglacial periods (warm periods as today). In the face of this and the climatic / environmental disasters that have been witnessed for several years, a red alert has been lit for the consumption of fossil fuels and industrial activity. In relation to nuclear energy, at the moment all that can be done with radioactive waste is to store it.

For these reasons, I would like to have the opportunity to work in this new field, it is not only research but also a change in the lifestyle of society. A change in the conception of the word “progress”, no longer seen as the illusion (before) of the man who dominates nature, but as the humanity that coexists with nature, in respect. It is thanks to these new technologies (renewable energies) and environmental education that begins a real transition.

Training in scientific research has also allowed me to develop skills, both disciplinary and transversal. Well-being: openness, collaborative work and adaptability. Professional qualities: editorial (report or publications), research and information processing, expertise related to the subject of research and exchanges (collaboration) with other researchers in France and worldwide (international experience). With the activity of teaching I managed to develop also skills in pedagogy and communication.

On the other hand I am used to the application of laboratory protocols and technic language. I am also used and passionate about fieldwork, with experience in different types of missions in tropical forests as at sea during my studies and my research thesis.