My research goals for Ph.D. will embrace a variety of topics such as studying the hydrodynamic problems, behavior of bodies under dynamic loading, numerical simulation of wave and wind propagation and loading on structures, dynamic interaction problems, analyzing of solids undergoes large strains and distortion, solution of vibration and motion equations via developing numerical codes or with the aid of FEM packages and comparing them with analytical and experimental results.

I’m determined to develop the codes written in my Master’s thesis in order to establish a state of art numerical method for simulation of dynamic interaction of fluid-structure and study more articles and books about them that I think a Ph.D. program can be a great opportunity for these purpose hence, Further researches in my specialty field seem essential for me to have progress and prosperity in industrial world. Although I had to deal with the lack of educational facilities and limited access to credible scientific resources due to financial problems, I tried so hard and did my best to meet the requirements of a Ph.D. position at WEAMEC that its professors and researchers have strong background in the fields of structural dynamics and monitoring, mechanics of materials and numerical modeling of wind turbine.