Tim Ramsey from the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Water Power Technologies Office and Delegate to the OES says “We appreciate IEA-OES’s consideration and are excited for the U.S. to host ICOE for the first time. This event presents a unique and important opportunity to bring global leaders together to share experiences and knowhow, with the collective goal of advancing the industry forward. I look forwarded to seeing you all in 2020.”

Hosting ICOE 2020 in Washington, DC, NHA aims to strengthen the focus on bringing marine energy industries together to look for opportunities to accelerate commercialization and reaffirm ICOE as the international marine renewables industrial development forum. ICOE 2020 will be held in co-location with the NHA Annual Meeting at Waterpower Week in Washington.



National Hydropower Association (NHA)

NHA is a nonprofit national association dedicated to promoting the growth of clean, affordable US waterpower in all of its forms, ranging from conventional hydropower, to pumped storage to marine energy. It seeks to secure waterpower’s place as a climate-friendly, renewable and reliable energy source that serves national environmental, energy, and economic policy objectives.


Call for abstracts:

The primary goals for the event are:

  • Showcase breakthroughs in ocean energy technology research and development;
  • Prepare ocean renewable energy to benefit the larger “Blue Economy” and the electrical grid;
  • Identify research needed to further advance the state of the technology.

As part of the call for abstracts, five, secondary topic areas have also been identified:

  • International Developer and Technology Showcase
  • The Future of Our Oceans and Ocean Energy’s Potential to Power the Blue Economy
  • Foundational and Cross‐Cutting Research and Development
  • Enabling the Long‐term Evolution of Ocean Energy Industries
  • How Do We Get There? Securing Funding, Supportive Policies, and Regulatory Acceptance.

Submitters will be asked to select a primary and optional secondary topic that you believe your abstract submission aligns to.

The ICOE 2020 abstract submission period will close on November 15, 2019.