Training content

It includes two courses: the “law curriculum” (cursus droit) and the security curriculum (cursus sécurité). These two courses are joined in a common core between early September and December.

Basic lessons

• Law of the sea
• Private maritime law
• Fisheries Law
• Protection of the marine environment
• Marine Safety
• English maritime
• Ship technique (Right course)
• Maritime labor law (Security course)

Additional lessons

• Community law on maritime transport
• History of Maritime Law
• Maritime English (legal)
• Law of the sea and the exploitation of the oceans
• Maritime and Insurance Law
• Port Law and Coastal Law
• Maritime social law and nautical activities

Methodology of the dissertation

• Lecture-discussion / Oral talk

Specific contribution to MRE

The topics of law and safety of maritime and oceanic activities also concern the actors of the MRE sector.