Training content

Valuation of EMRs via the market

  • Regulatory and economic approach

Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Monetarization and multi criteria analysis of an EMR project

Integration of MRE

  • Modeling of the electrical system and techno-economic functioning of the electricity market
  • Market supply and demand balance

Storage technologies; coupling with RNE. Issues for MRE.

Valuation of MRE by coupling with a storage system

Case studies: off-shore wind, tidal energy. Storage of H2.

Challenges of the H2 sector in the Loire region.

Specific contribution to MRE

The course “Economic approach of MRE and associated storage” will allow you to understand the economic stakes of the MRE and their value on the French electricity market. It will also allow you to perform the cost benefit analysis of an MRE project and understand the economic issues of energy storage.

Professional skills

  • Manage economic and regulatory constraints on the valuation of MRE
  • Understand the interactions with other energies and other operators
  • Assess the financial value of a project
  • Anticipate the volume that the market can absorb and revalorize a project via a storage
  • Select the means of storage under technical and economical constraints on the different market segments