Training content

Sensor technologies for steel / composite / concrete structures
Presentation of the sensor / measurement chain and stakes
Added value of instrumentation for decision support:

  • Presentation of the relevant quantities for the monitoring of structures within the framework of Marine Renewable Energies
  • Presentation of the various tools available on the market for measuring these signals (advantages and disadvantages of different technologies)
  • Presentation of a relevant measurement chain, development of alert and safety thresholds, development of a preventive monitoring strategy to control the cost of operation

All these three chapters will be examined in the form of case studies based on three main axes in link with the monitoring of EMR infrastructures:
Monitoring of the behavior at sea of ​​structures :

  • Performance monitoring of the conversion and electro-technical transmission chain
  • Health control of mechanical structures (anchors, reinforced concrete structures, metal and composite structures, bonded joints, etc.)

Specific contribution to MRE

The module “Instrumentation of infrastructures” will enable you to manage the implementation of monitoring systems at sea.

Professional skills

  • Identify sensor technologies on EMR production structures.
  • Integrate sensors and sensor chains as decision aids.
  • To be in charge of the implementation of monitoring systems at sea.