Training content

  • Working in rope: know how to identify and assess the risks of falling height on different workstations and choose the appropriate devices of protection; mastering technics related to the use of safety harnesses and fall arrest systems ; acquire the practices of check and maintenance of the equipment ; prevention of suspension trauma ; mounted on a wind scale ; circuit training.
  • Using of Personal Protective Equipment (Harness, trolley, shock absorbers, carabiners, link lanyard,… ): the equipment standards, class of protective equipment.
  • To save: Acquire the different ways of evacuation and rescue of a victim during work at height.

Specific contribution to MRE

The GWO certificate, recognized internationally by companies in the wind turbine sector, is granted at the end of the training course. It will give you operational employability to intervene on offshore wind turbines.

The contents and the organization of training is in compliance with « Global Wind Organisation Standard » Basic Safety training (BST) and Basic Safety Training Refresher (BSTR).

Validity of the module: the GWO certificate delivered is valid for 24 months.