Job description

  • The PhD #1 will focus on the measurement campaign and data analysis. More precisely, PhD #1 will:
    – create a user friendly data base and carefully validate the data collected from an observatory for combined high resolution measurements of wind (speed, direction, shear and turbulence), rainfall (DSD, and fall velocities) and power production that will be installed for 2 years on a wind farm operated by Boralex and having a 86 m meteo mast.
    – analyse mainly with UM tools the collected data to quantify the influence of rainfall conditions on wind turbulence and air density. A classification of rainfall events will be designed for this purpose. Interpretation will require the development of innovative models. A new 3+1D model
    of drop fields in a 3D turbulent wind at wind turbine scale will be also developed.
    – analyse the data collected to quantify the transfer of wind intermittency to power production, primarily through a joint multifractal analysis that will require the development of innovative tools.

    Supervisers : Daniel Schertzer and Auguste Gires (HM&Co-ENPC)


  • PhD#2 will focus on numerical simulations. More precisely, PhD#2 will:
    – improve existing tools based on continuous UM cascades to create numerical simulations of scalar and vector spatio-temporal wind fields for scales ranging from few cm to wind turbine size over few tens of seconds. Comparison with state of the art models will be carried out.
    – develop two numerical modelling chains with increasing complexity to simulate and quantify the effect of wind turbulence on power production. The wind fields simulated in WP2 will be used (i) to compute available torque fluctuations, and (2) as input in a multi-disciplinary model for numerical simulation of wind turbine behaviour (the FAST – TurbSim modelling chain developed by the NERL – US will be used as basis). Ensembles of possible inputs will be used to quantify the sensitivity of the modelling chains to various input parameters corresponding to the different rainfall conditions.

Supervisers : Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia and Auguste Gires (HM&Co-ENPC)
Co-supervisor: Pr Sandrine Aubrun (Laboratory on Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Atmospheric
Environment – Centrale Nantes / CNRS UMR6598)

How to apply

If interested by one of the PhD projects : please contact with CV and cover letter