Job description

Activities and tasks related to project management


  • Provide non-scientific animation of the projects (organization of the biannual meetings, assistance to the beneficiaries for the organization of the “trainings” and secondments)
  • Manage the cross-cutting and / or project-related administrative aspects of the projects as a whole;
  • Manage the hotline of project consortia members;
  • Follow up on schedules (deliverables, milestones, trainings, secondments, visits, conferences, etc.) and reporting to its direct managers and consortia
  • Write non-scientific deliverables, project progress reports and meeting minutes
  • Assist in the construction of the website of the projects and ensure their regular updating
  • Ensure the dissemination and collection of information in consortia, as well as to and from the EU
  • Follow up on the expenses incurred and their adequacy with the amounts allocated in relation to the financial managers of the projects and the administrative services of the ECN

The first mission of the European project manager is the management of the MSCA ITN FLOAWER project under the supervision of the scientific coordinator of the project. The recruited person will interact with the ten European partners of the project, the 15 associated partners, the LHEEA EMO team and the ECN administrative services.

The recruited person will also be responsible for managing some projects from WEAMEC framework’s partners.