Job description

CalWave’s mission is to provide a solution to secure clean, affordable and reliable electricity and freshwater for coastal communities. CalWave is seeking a dynamic and innovative Mechanical Engineer to further advance CalWave’s proprietary and high-performance wave energy converter technology to a commercial unit.
The selected individual will work closely with CalWave engineers and CalWave’s world class industry and R&D partners (including UC Berkeley, Sandia National Labs, NREL, others) for the systems design (ranging from mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, controls and software design), manufacturing and testing of our drive train test bench and support activities leading towards manufacturing, build-out, and pre-deployment testing of our upcoming open water demonstration prototype. The ideal candidate should have industry and/or project expertise in mechanical engineering and demonstrate superior skills in CAD designing, systems engineering, product development, fabrication and machining, and assembly and commissioning of complex mechanical systems.

How to apply

Please with CV, Cover Letter and Portfolio before June 30th 2019 to before