Job description

A post-doctoral position has been opened within the DUNES project, which is dedicated to highly dynamic hydraulic dunes. Future ORE projects may deploy structures and cables within zones of this specific environment, and for which the associated ecosystem and dynamics require a better understanding.
The successful candidate will work both at the Ifremer LERBN laboratory, under the supervision of Dr. Nicolas Desroy and at France Energies Marines, under the supervision of Dr. Nolwenn Quillien from the Environmental Integration research program.
Both institutes work together on the main objectives of studying potential marine habitat modification linked to the installation of ORE devices and to develop tools and methodologies allowing the study of these potential effects.
The postdoctoral candidate will:
– characterize the macrofauna community structure at these particular habitats and model the influence of environmental variables (such as temperature, salinity, current speed, grain size, turbidity) on these communities;
– analyze trophic links within macrobenthic communities and between macrofauna and fish (a second postdoc will work on characterizing this second faunal group);
– contribute to the theoretical characterization of potential impacts of ORE on hydraulic dunes and to the definition of guidelines for the study of hydraulic dune ecosystems.
To address this program, the candidate will work within the DUNES project multidisciplinary consortium with complementary expertise in ecology (experts of ichtyofauna, macrofauna, meiofauna), in hydrodynamics, sedimentology, in interactions between ORE systems and the marine environment, and in ORE devices & developments.

How to apply

Final date for applications: June 15th, 2019
Please send your CV and cover letter to the following electronic addresses: and .
In case of an expected secondment of the candidate by a member of France Energies Marines, the application should mention the agreement of the present employer.