Job description

The EchoSonde project aims at developing an integrated, cost-effective, cabled seabed observatory to monitor the impact of MRE on coastal pelagic ecosystem, near the future Saint Nazaire’s windmill farm. The EchoSonde observatory features an innovative broadband echosounder to characterise at very high resolution the distribution, nature and size of pelagic organisms.

The postdoctoral fellow will develop methodologies for near-real time analysis of the EchoSonde observatory big data flow. This should provide new insights on the pelagic ecosystem dynamics in the vicinity of the Saint Nazaire offshore wind farm, from diel to seasonal scales. Acoustic and hydrobiological data collected during sea surveys will be compared to EchoSonde outputs, to punctually validate the continuous, hydro-acoustic characterisation of the pelagic ecosystem provided by the observatory.


Co-financed by WEAMEC for 12 months in the framework of  EchoSonde project / Co-financed by Ifremer for 6 months

How to apply

Mathieu Doray, Ifremer Nantes :

Domenico Borzacchiello, Centrale Nantes :