Job description

The Postdoctoral Researcher will work collaboratively with an inter-laboratory team responsible for accelerating the development of wave, tidal, riverine, and hydropower renewable energy technologies in the United States and with national and international partners. The successful candidate will be part of a team scientists and engineers preforming research to develop advanced water power technologies by exploring reduced weight and cost structural components with higher reliability, and improved manufacturing methods. They will work with a team of scientists and engineers at NREL focusing on the development and application of system engineering tools to carry out research in the following areas: 1) isolated, single, wave energy converter (WEC) controls design; 2) control of a distributed network of multiple WECs or devices; 3) multi-variable optimal control of water power systems; and 4) experimental characterization and validation of power take-off technologies applicable to water power systems.

The candidate will be expected to help publish results in technical journals/conference proceedings and present work at conferences, symposia, and review meetings. They will also be expected to support the development of new work proposals, preparations, and reviews, and may also be responsible for co-mentoring PhD students.