Scientific advances and innovation

Sensor and actuator add-ons for a dynamic adaptation of the blade aerodynamics.

Expected technical and economic impact

New add-ons that can be used on wind turbine blades.

Key project milestones

  • May 2019 - Characterization of the LHEEA wind tunnel (intermediate scale) new perturbation system with its impact on airfoil load dynamics
  • June 2019 - Sensors tested in the LHEEA wind tunnel and CSTB wind tunnel (full scale)
  • January 2020 - Active control of blade aerodynamics in LHEEA wind tunnel with the new perturbation system.
  • May 2020 - Actuator/sensor couples tests in LHEEA wind tunnel
  • January 2021 - One chosen actuator/sensor couple tested in CSTB wind tunnel
  • May 2022 - Add-ons for site tests


Demonstration of the control at intermediate scale (January 2020) and at full scale (January 2021).

Publications and papers published

  • Soulier, C. Braud, D Voisin, F Dandon, V Jaunet, JJ Lasserre et P Galtier.   “Electronique Tell-Tale, a sensor to detect flow separation on wind turbine blades.”   SMARTEOLE colloquium, PRISME, Orléans, France, 2018.
  • Examples of wind-turbineoriented aerodynamic challenges, Sandrine AUBRUN, Caroline BRAUD, Boris CONAN, Benyamin SCHLIFFKE (Centrale Nantes), French American Innovation Day 2019, March 18-19, Boston – Download the presentation


Validation of Add-ons on a real wind turbine or back to wind tunnel tests for improvement of add-ons or developments of new actuator/sensor technologies.