Scientific advances and innovation

  • Increased accuracy regarding the state of the art (eg SOWFA) and highly scalable fluid solver.
  • ECOSFARM allows getting a head start on the control brick of fixed or floating tidal turbines farms where there is no precise tool capable of evaluating the control strategy.
  •  There is also no farm-scale tool for floating wind farm simulation and evaluation of their control strategies. ECOSFARM is a first step in the development of a FOWT tool (medium term goal).


Expected technical and economic impact

  • Provide a decision help tool for companies wishing to optimize wind or tidal turbine farm control strategies.
  •  Promote the consideration of control in wind and tidal research projects.
  • ECOSFARM will provide D-ICE a tool to evaluate the controllers they develop before their installation in real conditions at sea and thus to improve the quality of their services. This technological brick will enable them to reinforce their recent position in the wind energy sector and extend it to the tidal turbine sector.

Key project milestones

  • Project kick-off - September 2018
  • Project end - September 2020