Scientific advances and innovation

Since 20 years, one single definition of roughness due to marine-growth is recommended for hard marine growth. Recent measurements carried out by University of Nantes show high heterogeneity of the size and the density of individuals. Preliminary studies with Total and Ifremer showed an increase of 20% of the loading due to micro-roughness. The innovation relies on the building of a new definition of the roughness that facilitates the relationship with on site measurement with the Aksi-3D device, developed by University of Nantes and MAREI (Ireland).

Expected technical and economic impact

  • Improve the modelling of hydrodynamic coefficients for engineers in presence of marine growth
  • In view to optimize MRE design and reduce system maintenance costs
  • By improving the definition of roughness due to hard marine macro-organisms

Key project milestones

  • April 2017 - Project kickoff
  • October 2017 - Bibliography synthesis Unifed definition of roughness
  • April 2018 - Tests requirements and computation test based
  • April 2020 - New definition and model


The objective is to propose a new formulation of the roughness to certification companies for MRE systems to account for their specificities in comparison with Oil and Gaz field. We want to produce a software too for the computation of hydrodynamic coefficients as a function of the roughness and marine environmental conditions.

Publications and papers published

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