As part of its training activities, WEAMEC has the ambition to develop the initial training offer dedicated to the Marine Renewable Energy of the MRE ecosystem of the Pays de la Loire region.

5 axes of the MRE domains have been identified by the partners of WEAMEC as to be developed through the offer of initial training:

  • Civil engineering
  • Ocean engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Electrical engineering
  • Structures and processes

Five masters created or updated since 2015

Thus, since 2015, five masters in line with the axes of the WEAMEC training roadmap have already been created or updated:

  • the AMASONE  international master, carried by Centrale Nantes and launched in 2015, which corresponds to axis 1 of the  WEAMEC road map  (ocean engineering axis, taught in English);
  • the DMO course (deployment and maintenance of Offshore systems) on the installation, operation and decommissioning of the parks, carried out by the ENSM (maintenance axis);
  • The Master 2 Electrical Energy  (electro-technical axis, taught in English) is carried by Polytech Nantes, the University of Nantes and the UBL  (University of Bretagne Loire). This programme was updated in 2017 and the WEAMEC participated in discussions on the integration of the MRE theme;
  • the international master REM  (Master in Renewable Energy in the Marine Environment) is  coordinated by the UPV / EHU (Universidad del Pais Vasco / Heuskal Herriko Unibertsitatea) consortium, and with Centrale Nantes, NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), and the University of Strathclyde. This master’s degree is  an Erasmus Mundus Master launched in 2018 (multi-axes, delivered in English). The Master’s objective is to train MRE specialists able of analyzing, evaluating, developing and exploiting offshore structures;
  • the mechanical master 2 MAREENE (Reliability based Structural Maintenance for Marine Renewable Energy), focuses on the computational maintenance of offshore systems (maintenance axis, taught in English). The main partners of this master are the University of Nantes (France), project coordinator, the School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering University College Dublin / UCD (Ireland), the Aalborg University / AAU (Denmark) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology / NTNU (Norway).

Launch of the WEAMEC MRE seminar (first edition in 2018)

The WEAMEC launched the first edition of the WEAMEC MRE seminar in autumn 2018 for master students and engineers of the ecosystem whose technical specialties (electrical engineering, ocean engineering, materials, maintenance , …) are useful and valuable in the field of Marine Energies. The objectives of this annual seminar are:

  • to propose a global vision of the MRE, at the same time market, technical, right, security …
  • to meet expert that share their experience as professional working in the sector.


Master courses focusing mainly on the ocean engineering axis, such as the EMship  (launched in 2011) and AMASONE masters, are already well represented. On the contrary, it seems that the MRE initial training offer in maintenance, electro-technical, civil engineering and structures and processes is not very extensive at an european level. Thus, the creation of the new MAREENE programme focusing on maintenance and the launching of the WEAMEC MRE seminar  activily complete the initial training offer.

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