• Wind tunnel cross section: 0.79 m x 0.79 m (0.624 m2)
  • x, y and z axis flows are uniform to within 0.2%
  • Turbulence intensity is less than 2%
  • Repeatability and reproducibility of μSE measurements (reference anemometer)
  • Anemometer types calibrated: propeller, cup, sonic
  • Output types tested: voltage, current and frequency
  • Reference wind speed measured with Pitot tubes and pressure sensors
  • MEASNET (4-16 m/s) calibration and/or COFRAC calibration (4-20 m/s)


The CSTB is a member of MEASNET, is COFRAC-accredited, and offers industry professionals a range of services to ensure successful outcomes for projects involving wind resource, and projects where the effects of wind are an issue. These services focus on accurate and reliable anemometer calibration.

Example of MRE applications

Wind characteristic’s should be taken into account before any equipment installation, especially in maritime environment, by using anemometers.

The anemometer calibration is therefore essential.