Training content

  • Context and physical constraints to take into account (environment)
  • Background of offshore oil & gas and MRE specificities
  • Description of equipment (and materials) and existing architectures
  • Design requirements and standards, safety factors (DNV-GL, API, BV)
  • Methods and computational tool, contribution of experimental studies
  • Follow-up in operation and monitoring
  • Installation method
  • Constraints for a farm (interaction, mutualization)
  • Installation, maintenance and acquisition cost
  • Application examples for MRE
  • Practical exercises (with DeepLines or Orcaflex)
  • Barriers and R&D studies in process and to lead for MRE

Specific contribution to MRE

The module « Installation and mooring » will allow you to choose and design adapted mooring system but also control the installation requirements and maintenance of these systems.

Professional skills

At the end of the training you will be able to propose solutions and a technical and economic optimization for mooring systems in MRE floating farm(wind turbines, wave energy, tidal energy, ocean thermal energy conversion).