Training content

The maintenance technician assigned to a wind farm must be able to maintain towers and wind farms to:

  • Determine the origin of detected malfunctions.
  • Realize preventive and corrective operations of maintenance.
  • Report interventions.


  • Specific wind technical modules: mechanical, hydraulic, power electrotechnics, composites.
  • Low and high-voltage electric authorizations.
  • Safety package GWO Working at Heights, First Aid, Fire Awereness et Manual handling.
  • Professional English.
  • Knowledge of the wind environment, regulations – weather aerodynamics.
  • Offshore module.
  • Intervention of professionals.

Specific contribution to MRE

  • « Offshore module » include in the training.
  • Conditions for exercising offshore wind maintenance operations, problem of safe access.
  • Context and conditions of maritime transport.