Job description

Main missions:

  • To guarantee that the onshore part of the tender (construction, refurbishment, local infrastructures) is compliant with the client’s requirements and the GE guidelines
  • To ensure that the onshore part of the tender is technically feasible, with a level of risk clearly evaluated and mitigation actions identified
  • To ensure that the onshore scope strategy leads to the best competitivity for the GE tender

Essential Responsibilities – Externally:

  • To propose win/win schemes with subcontractors and partners to avoid claims at site and optimize the construction activity
  • To find ways to involved more deeply the subcontractors/partners in the project
  • To meet/interact with subcontractors / consortium partners to support their screening/pre-qualification
  • To be at tender stage the primary point of contact for
    consortium partners for the onshore scope of their activity
  • To attend site visits of existing HPPs for refurbishment tenders.
    To represent GE in client meetings related to the onshore scope of the project
  • He participates to some site visit to got all necessary information to define properly the industrial scheme to be use for completion on the projects

Essential responsibilities – Internally

  • Define and develop the construction setup, planning and budget of new built and refurbishment projects by working with Engineering team doing a constructability review and formalize it into some documents.
  • In close collaboration with the Construction & Commissioning organization, to develop subcontracting setups that de-risk the project while being competitive
  • To conduct a due diligence on the local aspect of the project with the support of Sales/GGO
  • To carry out subcontractor qualification with Sourcing to assess the technical level of the subcontractor and the risk profile of using them
  • To organizing and lead meetings to optimize the construction costs, risks and time schedule
  • To propose optimizations to technical solutions, costs, time schedules, in collaboration with all other HEU functions
  • To make proposals to optimize the layout, the industrial scheme, transport, in order to provide the best value for the client while de-risking the overall project
  • To define with Transport and Logistics the process to secure deliveries and time schedule, obtain provisional packing list and road map survey to have all information concerning equipment deliveries
  • To secure with EHS the best approach to handle hazardous materials as per GE procedures, in the case of refurbishment projects
  • To populate the Risk & Opportunity log of the offer for the onshore scope of the project (qualitative & quantitative)
  • To participate to R-table reviews (internal approval of the bid)
  • To maintain strong interfaces with Technical Tendering (product definition), EHS, Corporate Security, GGO, Sourcing, Planning
  • To make continuous improvement proposals to simplify the internal tendering process, improve the performance of our bids
  • Participate to Deal Review to report to the Risk Management Organization.

How to apply