Job description

Firstly, the student will study our concept of hybrid wave energy converter and will finish the experimental measurements under stationary waves: measure of the output electrical energy in function of various length and frequency of the waves and in function of various water depths. The experimental test bench is ready and
our prototype has been characterized under one particular wave regime. These experiments must provide us data on the scavenged energy in function of various wave conditions. In a second time, the student will realize propagative waves thanks to the creation of a shoreline, and will characterize the propagative waves (length,
frequency, depth). Finally, the performances of our prototype, in particular the scavenged energy, will be measured under these propagative waves.

Possibility to candidate on a Ph-D, French ministerial grant, in order to study fully soft wave energy converters and work on the optimization of wave energy converters .

How to apply

To candidate, please send a CV and a motivation letter to the two following emails: and