Job description

Are you interested in designing a better, cheaper and more efficient wind turbine – one that might actually be built and tested? Can you imagine working with us in Trondheim to become an expert in structural design and analysis of wind turbines? Do you have an engineering background, a professional mindset, and an interest in science?

We have a vacancy for a 3-year research position as PhD candidate at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering on Structural design and optimization of a novel wind turbine concept.

This position will be part of the international EU Horizon 2020 project XROTOR: X-shaped radical offshore wind turbine for overall cost of energy reduction, a 3-year project coordinated by the University of Strathclyde with a budget of nearly 4 mEUR. The aim of the project is to develop a highly innovative hybrid between a horizontal-axis (primary rotor) and vertical-axis (secondary rotor) wind turbine, to determine its performance and levelized cost of energy, and to ratify the concept work with a OEM (wind turbine manufacturer).

NTNU is responsible for WP4 on the design of the mechanical structure and analysis of the XROTOR concept. As part of the design team in WP4 you will contribute by helping to develop the assumptions that should be used for the design (e.g. the environmental conditions at a relevant site), by implementing a parametric model that allows to perform load simulations with wind turbine simulation software, by finding a feasible design that is best possible given the constraints, and by documenting the final structural design in enough detail that it can be ratified for possible further development by an OEM.

Duties of the position

To develop, in consultation with all project partners, a relevant design basis that documents all assumptions (e.g. about site conditions) and the criteria and design rules to be used when designing the wind turbine
To develop, based on computer simulations and in cooperation with other partners, a feasible design that fulfils these criteria
To optimize the structural design of the wind turbine
To provide drawings, models and other necessary data to project partners
To undergo structured PhD training (e.g. coursework)
To develop new knowledge (e.g. about the design approach and the performance of the design) in a scientific way and publish the results in international peer-reviewed journals
To contribute to dissemination activities (e.g. presenting at international conferences, preparing technical reports, writing scientific papers)
To contribute to communication activities (e.g. project news in social media)



How to apply

The starting date of the position should preferably be between 01.02.2021 to 01.08.2021.

You will report directly to the project manager at NTNU.