The Awards aim to showcase and promote individual winners and highlight the incorporation and scaling up of best practices at regional, national, European and international level.

Atlantic Project Awards’ categories

In 2020, taking into account the new Atlantic Action Plan, Awards will be given to projects that fall in each of the following five (5) categories, which are in line with the pillars of the Atlantic Action Plan:

  • Atlantic ports and blue economy
  • Blue skills and ocean literacy
  • Marine renewable energy
  • Healthy ocean and resilient coasts
  • International Cooperation in the Atlantic area i.e. international dimension embodied in the Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation with United States of America and Canada and its potential support to the Blue Economy; in the Atlantic research cooperation with Brazil and South Africa; in the cooperation with adjacent sea macro-regions/basins (Baltic, Mediterranean, Black Sea), etc.

The Atlantic Project Awards will be granted to 5 projects (1 winner in each of the categories listed above) that come under the umbrella of the Atlantic Strategy and Action Plan pillars, as recognition of outstanding performance in relevant areas/sectors.

The Awards trophy

One winner per category will be invited to receive the 2020 Atlantic Project Award at a Ceremony to take place during the 7th Atlantic Stakeholder Conference (France, Fall 2020).

An award trophy and a certificate will be offered to the winners. Additionally, the award winners will receive publicity through the Assistance mechanism’s web-based communication channels (electronic publications and social media) and by general media coverage.

Lastly, the award winners’ travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Assistance Mechanism for the Atlantic Action Plan.

Key dates in the call for project

  • 16 March 2020 - Launch of the Awards & online Application form
  • 18 June 2020 - Closing of online Application
  • 6 July 2020 - Selection of Award winners
  • Fall 2020 - Atlantic Project Award Ceremony in France