Priority 2 and Specific Objective 3:

MRE are  mostly concern by the Priority 2 “Low carbon” and particuraly by the Specific Objective 3 (SO3):

To facilitate the uptake of low carbon technologies, products, processes and services in sectors with high energy saving potential, to reduce GHG emissions in NWE

Types of Actions (ToA) supported:

Implementing low-carbon technologies and other solutions through the demonstration and roll-out of existing low-carbon products, technologies, or solutions.

The Programme supports projects that collaborate on:

  • Implementing and adopting zero/low-carbon technologies in enterprises and industrial production processes; particularly those relating to energy generation and/or energy reductions/efficiency.
  • Delivering and rolling out of emerging energy technologies.
  • Implementing transnational living labs to test and demonstrate the use of zero/low-carbon solutions in real life conditions.
  • Implementing of joint zero/low carbon technology demonstration schemes and facilities, including fab labs and R&D/testing facilities.
  • Ensuring that new energy solutions are feasible.

These project activities must demonstrate the positive environmental and economic impact associated and the Projects need to quantify them , including :

  • Adopted or applied low carbon technologies
  • Jobs created and maintained in all economic sectors
  • Funding leveraged by the projects (in €)
  • Enterprises co-operating with research institutions
  • Enterprises supported to introduce new to the market products
  • Enterprises supported to introduce new to the firm products
  • Additional capacity of renewable energy production
  • Households with improved energy classification
  • Annual decrease of GHG

Key dates in the call for project

  • December 2018 - Opening date for the 9th call
  • 14 June 2019 - Deadline date for the 9th call