During a TAP, OPIN partners will discuss with the technology developer design principles, opportunities to de-risk onward development and the route to commercialisation (product to market). The TAP will look for opportunities to transfer technology from other sectors into ocean energy, or to grow technology that is already within the ocean energy sector

The TAP is open to developers in the ocean sector who are looking to develop their technology and to developers in other sectors who are looking for opportunities to transfer technology into ocean energy.

TAPs will be delivered by OPIN Project Partners to eligible SMEs. TAPs will be provided by a small team comprising OPIN partners, depending on which partners are best placed, in terms of location or expertise, to the suit the SME and the topic of the TAP.


Applicants may apply for a TAP voucher at any time during the OPIN project duration (2019-2022). The OPIN Steering Group will consider TAP applications on a monthly basis.

TAP core principles

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The details of the call for projects are presented in the documents at the bottom of the page.

Key dates in the call for project

  • 1st January 2019 - OPIN project Kick-off meeting
  • 8th April 2022 - Deadline