Objectives of the project

This Franco-Scottish invitation to tender aims for the research project “Developing a Franco-Scottish R&D collaboration on new subsea engineering solutions for floating wind platforms linked to the production of green hydrogen offshore”.

The project will aim to identify and develop opportunities for Scotland and France to collaborate and share expertise in the development  of technologies that support the growth of these important sectors.

While collaboration may initially be at a regional level, the aim will be to consider  whether  a national programme that creates opportunities for further Franco-Scottish collaboration in the renewable energy sector with a focus on the sector coupling of offshore wind for hydrogen production could be developed.



Expectations of the project

 Using interviews and workshops with French and Scottish stakeholders, this research project aims to:

  • Scope out the existing technologies and key components required to operate offshore green hydrogen production linked to floating offshore wind facilities;
  • Identify where areas of research, gaps in knowledge or other challenges may lie in establishing offshore green hydrogen production from offshore floating wind facilities;
  • Identify any existing cross-country opportunities for collaboration on research, innovation, regulation or technologies;
  • Use the information gathered to build on ideas and concepts that arise from the deliverables of the first three objectives above; and
  • Provide options for the development of continuing Franco-Scottish R&D collaboration on the offshore green hydrogen generation linked to offshore floating wind.


Valorisation of the project

Please note that the work on this project will benefit from strong visibility. We are committed to promoting the successes and results of this project through our networks. If the health situation permits, we plan to present the results and recommendations of this Franco-Scottish research project at an event (online if necessary) in France in the spring / next summer. Of course, ministers will also publish the final report.

Key dates in the call for project

  • 23 November 2020 - Opening of the ITT
  • 5 January 2021 - Deadline of the ITT
  • Week of the 11th of January - Contract award
  • 28 May 2021 - Final report delivered