This call offers companies in the renewable energy sector (wind, tidal, wave energy, solar) a support system to access test facilities located in the Atlantic Area. Depending on the applications received, the winners of the call may be awarded up to 2 weeks of tests.

INNOSEA is a partner in the project and the Port of Nantes Saint-Nazaire is an associated partner.

This call is open until October 2, 2020.

Test facilities involved in the project

  • Universidade do Porto –Portugal –multidirectional wave basin;
  • Universidade de Santiago de Compostela –Spain –wave/current flume;
  • Fundacion Instituto de HidraulicaAmbientalde Cantabria –Spain –large wave flume;
  • University of Plymouth –England –wave flume and wave basin;
  • Ecole d’Ingenieurs en Genie des Systemes Industriels –France –technical assessment of novel technologies;
  • Universidad de Oviedo –Spain –numerical modelling of novel technologies

Details of these test facilities and their offer are described at the bottom of the page in the Test Facility Specifications.

Test facilities for this 2nd Call

Only the following test facilities are concerned by this 2nd call:

Key dates in the call for project

  • September 2020 - Launch of the 2nd call
  • 2nd October 2020 - Deadline of the 2nd call