You will find below the synthesis of the call for project operated by WEAMEC at regional and international levels with a focus on Marine Renewable Energy. More information for each call for project is available when clicking on the links below:


  • Call for project Research WEAMEC 2019
    Opening: Decembre 2018 – Closing: 1st March 2019
    This year the projects last for 2 years and typically concerns the support of Post-doc positions
    It mandatory to be a consortia of minimum two regional (Pays de la Loire) laboratories to apply for the call.
    Grant: 65k€ max per project.


  • Call for project Amorçage WEAMEC
    Permanently open.
    Concerns research project in preliminary phase  where a first funding support would enable to explore a innovative idea.
    Grant: 5k€ max per project.


  • Call for project Small equipments WEAMEC 2019
    Opening: December 2018 – Closing: 1st March 2019
    Financial support for the research institutions of the Nantes area for the acquisition of new equipments.
    Grant: 30k€ max per project.


  • Call for project Attractiveness WEAMEC
    Permanently open.
    3 years support for the installation of a researcher in research institution in the Pays de la Loire region.
    Grant: 165k€ max per project.