Description du poste

The post-doctoral position is part of the DIMPACT R&D project dedicated to the “Design of FOWT (Floating Offshore Wind Turbine) and IMPACTs of energetic steep and breaking waves”. This project is coordinated by FEM. Within this project, the post-doctoral fellow will contribute to the development and performance of the wave tank experiments which will be conducted at IFREMER in Brest.
The objectives of this experimental task are:
1. to assess experimentally the water impact loads induced by steep and breaking waves on a floating wind turbine,
2. to relate the measured hydrodynamic loads to the incident wave field,
3. to assess the effect of the platform motion on the water impact loads,
4. to compare the measured loads with the results based on semi-analytical water impact models (e.g. Wagner theory or Pressure impulse theory) and with CFD approaches obtained in the other work packages of the DIMPACT project.

Modalités de candidature

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