Description du poste

This position focuses on the realistic environment, the Alderney Race, where the stronger tidal currents of western Europe (up to 5 m/s) are located. The Alderney Race current is sheared by marine turbulence (Mercier et al., 2020 ; Bennis et al., 2021a) and ocean wave effects (Bennis et al.,
2020, 2021b). The successful applicant will be responsible for evaluating the CROCO model (hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic versions) enriched with CMS using the one-year of in-situ data (ADCP, wave buoy, tidal gauge) and numerical simulations obtained with the wave-averaged coupled
model (CROCO-WAVEWATCH-III). Due to the large amount of in-situ data (Furgerot et al., 2020), not all of the data has been post-processed yet. Therefore, the post-doctoral researcher will need to post-process the required data.

  • A.-C. Bennis, L. Furgerot, P. Bailly du Bois, F. Dumas, T. Odaka, C. Lathuilère, J.-F. Filipot. Numerical modelling of three-dimensional interactions in a complex environment: application to Alderney Race. Applied Ocean Research, 2020.
  • A.-C. Bennis, F. Adong, M. Boutet, F. Dumas. LANS-alpha turbulence modelling for coastal sea: an application to Alderney Race. Journal of  Computational Physics, 2021a.
  • A.-C. Bennis, L. Furgerot, P. Bailly du Bois, E. Poizot, Y. Méar, F. Dumas. A winter storm in Alderney Race: impacts of 3D wave-current interactions on the hydrodynamic and tidal stream energy. Applied Ocean Research (submitted), 2021b.
  • L. Furgerot, A. Sentchev, P. Bailly du Bois, G. Lopez, M. Morillon, E. Poizot, Y. Méar, A.-C. Bennis. One year measurements in Alderney Race: what did we learn ? Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A., 2020.
  • P. Mercier, M. Grondeau, S. Guillou, J. Thiébot, E. Poizot. Numerical study of the turbulent eddies generated by the seabed roughness. Case study at a tidal power site, Applied Ocean Research, 2020.

Collaborations: MIO, Shom, LEGOS, Océanide, LUSAC-Intechmer

Modalités de candidature

How to apply:
Please send a CV, a letter of motivation (up to one page long), and the names of two potential referees, to and

Application deadline: 30/10/2022