Description du poste

This position is part of the Technical Services team that supports floating offshore wind developments worldwide and covers following duties:

  • Ensure company QHSE requirements (0 accident, manage non-conformities, quality plan including ITP, acceptance tests at site or factory…),
  • Be a technical reference for Floater aspects for ongoing and development projects in France and worldwide,
  • Be a expert for structural integrity and hydrodynamics coupling,
  • Prepare, drive and manage the necessary tenders (express client’s needs through « Employer’s Requirements », functional specifications, Scope of Works, Request For Quotes, select suppliers or contractors…) in coordination with project team,
  • Participate to writing and negotiation of contracts and frame-agreements associated to floater,
  • Manage interfaces with other main project packages (WTG, inter-array and export cables, harbors…) and other project stakeholders (internal as development for environmental data and impact assessment, shareholders… as external as Certification Body, Marine Warranty Surveyor, grid operator, construction and marshalling and O&M harbors, O&M…),
  • Support Interface Manager and ensure good integration from interfaces from other duties and packages and facilitate the interdisciplinary cooperation,
  • Manage design and integration of equipment necessary for floater (ballasting system, electrical equipment, crane…),
  • Review, comment and manage documentation related to floater and ensure good integration in project process including technical assurance; ensure and formalize lessons learned and closing of Vendor Data Book to build a reference data base for its package,
  • Develop partnerships with floater technology providers and EPCI contractors and be focal point for exchanges with them,
  • Follow technological development, especially the ones related to floater adaptation to floating wind commercial projects,
  • Supervise engineering of floater package (with a particular focus on integrated load analysis) and ensure respect of specifications and associated codes, norms standards, rules, regulations …,
  • Support PCI manager during PCI phases of projects,
  • Define (with O&M lead) the O&M strategy including spare parts management and initial purchase,
  • Follow progress at factories, plants, yards, harbors and offshore for installation at sea, tests, commissioning and start up till hand over to O&M ; Ensure respect by suppliers and contractors of QHSE , costs / budget and schedule,
  • Supervise performance of floaters at offshore wind farms (including digital twin if any) and perform reporting,
  • Manage proactively schedule, risks and opportunities for his package,
  • Define and manage budgets (DEVEX), (CAPEX) and (OPEX) associated to floater,
  • Review and approve structural drawings and deliverables of suppliers (follow up comments and closure of deliverables related to its discipline),
  • Perform “hand” / rough calculations to ensure that results presented by Contractors are on the right ballpark,
  • If external parties required, redact Scope of Work for Studies or RFI (Request for Information), and assist in the selection of tenderers (Clarifications, Technical Bid Evaluations…) and then once awarded ensure coordination and follow up,
  • Ensure that Contractor Deliverables are issued in due time as per project schedule and with the appropriate content and quality,
  • Ensure that Contractor Deliverables are compliant with Contract and Employer requirements and associated Scope of Work,
  • Support feasibility study and concept selection for wind turbine floating foundation and offshore substation foundations,
  • Support due diligence on mooring design of floating substructure,
  • Develop technical specifications and Employer’s requirements tailored to the company strategy,
  • Critical review of design risks, identifying hazard and developing solutions for mitigation and de-risking the project to enable timely delivery of the project and within budget,
  • Monitor evolution of international standards related to its discipline to mitigate technical or commercial impacts,
  • Consolidate project information related to Mooring Design to provide project management with information on: QHSE, planning, risks and opportunities, DEVEX/CAPEX/OPEX, interfaces; Identify drifts on these topics and propose appropriate mitigations,
  • Develop internal competencies and knowledge related to its discipline and proactively support in the interpretation of coupled analysis (Floater/WTG/Mooring),
  • Design and build appropriate tools and routines to ease calculations and make quick critical choices for a certain configuration (floater, WTG, environmental conditions…) during project early stage.

Modalités de candidature