Description du poste

FEM is launching the CASSIOWPE project addressing the development of a coupled modeling system involving atmospheric, wave and ocean models with application in the characterization of the meteocean conditions of the Gulf of Lion in the Mediterranean Sea. The goal is to provide the ORE industry with highly accurate and consistent databases of wind, wave and oceanic properties, both for the energy resource evaluation and for the design of floating wind turbines that will be deployed in the area in the near future.
FEM is looking for a permanent scientist to contribute to the implementation of the coupled model, improvement of the physical parameterization of the air-sea interaction and exploitation of the modeling chain output. An anticipated follow-up project will consist in applying the modeling chain to constitute coherent and reference wind, wave and current properties for the area of interest.
This permanent position also falls within a more global and long-term strategy of the Institute that prioritizes the development of tools and skills in order to support a massive deployment of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines along the French coastlines and overseas. As such, FEM is aiming to construct a research program addressing the characterization of the atmospheric flow properties of interest at areas targeted by the offshore wind industry. The scientist will have to contribute to the deployment of this large research program and the corresponding collaborative projects with the objective of providing decisive information regarding the wind resource and wind design conditions at offshore sites.

Modalités de candidature

Type of contract: permanent position
Location: FEM’s headquarters: 525 avenue de Rochon, Plouzané, France or possibly in other FEM’s offices in Nantes or Marseille, France
Starting date: March 2021

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