Description du poste

In the context of the development of a new 3D high resolution seismic data acquisition system called Piksel, Kappa Offshore is looking for a trainee naval architect/marine engineer to reinforce its research and development team.
Such systems are used by the oil & gas sector and by the marine renewable energy industry, to produce precise geophysical imaging of an area where infrastructure is to be built.

The Naval Architect intern will be primarily responsible for:
• The specification, realization and analysis of flume tank tests for Piksel’s rigging system.
• The analysis of a sea trial campaign for Piksel’s seismic source system.
• Develop flume tank tests specifications and schedule.
• Develop specifications for a seismic source.
• Produce conceptual drawings.
• Supervise flume tank tests.
• Produce operational and manufacturing drawings using CAD software.
• Produce operational procedures.
• Evaluate towed equipment dynamic behavior using hydrodynamic modelling software.
• Analyze flume tank test results and draw conclusions.
• Analyze sea trials results and draw conclusions.
The Trainee marine engineer will be exposed to main design software used in the company:
• CAD: Solidworks, Rhinoceros 3D, AutoCAD.
• Hydrodynamics: Orcaflex.
• Programming: Python.

Modalités de candidature

People interested shall send their CV and cover letter to the following e-mail adress: