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Among different layout optimization studies that have been published in the literature, very few considered the experimental study with small-scale models of wind farms. This research project will study the three-dimensional (3-D) experimental and numerical models to describe the wake distribution in wind farms. Small-scale experiments will be carried out in an atmospheric boundary layer tunnel and an open jet wind tunnel to study the characteristics of the flow and validate the computational models. This will allow to improve both, the parameterization of the models and the knowledge of the scale specific interactions between wind mills and atmosphere-ocean boundary layer dynamics.
Another important objective of this study is to carry out a 3D computational study of the flow in an offshore turbine farm that considers the interaction between the dynamic field of the sea, the air and that produced by the turbines. The comparative study of the experimental results in a wind tunnel with those provided by numerical simulations will provide the scientific community with a knowledge that is very limited nowadays.