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STEP4WIND background

STEP4WIND is a European Industrial Doctorate programme, granted under the H2020 Marie-Curie Innovative Training Network initiative (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019, grant agreement 860737). The programme runs between April 2020 and March 2024 and will deliver 10 PhD degrees, in joint supervision and training between the public and private sectors. The main objective is to address both technological and economical challenges related to the commercialisation of floating offshore wind farms.

Description of Research topic

The installation, O&M and decommissioning processes for fixed offshore wind energy represent up to a third of the total cost of an offshore wind farm due to the challenges and costs of working at sea.

In the context of floating wind farms, there is a significant added challenge due to the fact that both vessel and the turbine motions are impacted by the prevailing metocean conditions. The work of this PhD will be focused on identifying and assessing innovations with the potential to broaden operational weather windows whilst reducing the risk, cost and environmental impact of these marine activities.

In Year 1, the ESR will conduct a comprehensive literature review and rounds of engagement with key stakeholders to fully understand the practicalities involved during the installation, O+M and decommissioning of FOWTs. The ESR will also become acquainted with the numerical tools and methodologies to test innovations that can reduce the impact of these operations. The ESR will compile a long list of potential innovations to reduce impact, such as shared use of mooring systems, dynamic positioning during lifting operations, centralised control during towing, rapid mooring (de)coupling systems, sea bed preparation techniques, walk-to-work for floating systems, recoverable anchors, and artificial reefs for scour protection.

In Year 2, the focus will be on the 2 or 3 innovations with the most potential to reduce impact and a detailed impact assessment and viability plan for each innovation will be produced. The engineering methods developed at MARIN will be used to analyse the impact of these innovations on the transport and installation of FOWTs, as well as environmental footprint.

In Year 3, a detailed impact assessment and viability plan for each innovation will be produced.

Key duties and responsibilities 

The PhD candidate will conduct a specified programme of research aligned with the work of the STEP4WIND project and the expertise of supervisors in MaREI and MARIN.


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Modalités de candidature

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