Description du poste

This PhD project proposes an experimental study on the energy cascade of the turbulent wakes, and on their coupling to different background turbulent flows, shedding light on the relevance of this process in wind energy applications. The project is part of an international collaboration between UGA and Oldenburg University. The PhD candidate will work at LEGI lab from UGA and at Oldenburg University, in the wind tunnels available at both institutions. His/her tasks can be summarised as:
o A systematic study on the energy cascade in the turbulent wake generated by different generators (regular and irregular bluff bodies and scaled wind turbines).
o By means of an active grid, he/she will control the background flow, by generating different bespoke turbulent flows.
o Once the properties of single generators and their interaction with the background flow are studied and documented, the PhD student will set different arrays of generators (with and without background turbulence), and study the interaction between wakes, mimicking realistic conditions like the ones found in wind farms.

The PhD student will spend 50% of his/her time in LEGI lab at Grenoble (first 18 months) and other 50% at Oldenburg University (final 18 months). He/she will be in charge of the planning, setting up and data acquisition for experiments and the subsequent data analysis. In LEGI he/she will focus of the study of a single wake under laminar and steady/unsteady turbulent background flow. He/she will then work in the interaction of multiple generators (including wind turbines) at Oldenburg University.

Modalités de candidature

Interested candidates should send their CV and cover letter to Martin Obligado ( and/or Michael Hölling (
Deadline for the application: 18/07/2021.

The student will work under the supervision of Dr Obligado and Dr Barre from laboratory LEGI and Dr Hölling and Pr Peinke from University of Oldenburg. This project is part of an international collaboration sponsored by TEC 21 (, and includes funds assigned to the PhD student for conferences, consumables and small equipment.