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Oscillating airfoil-based structures are seen as possible alternatives to the conventional rotating horizontal or vertical wind – or water – turbines thanks to their limited spatial extent and lower operating velocities. A two d.o.f. prototype was designed by Costa (2018) which will be experimentally investigated by the PI. Using a different approach, the “Eel energy” demonstrator (Träsch, 2018) exploits the deformation of an elongated membrane made of articulated rigid segments acting as a multi d.o.f. oscillator. The present project will focus on a continuously deformable flag-like structure with embedded devices designed to convert self-sustained oscillations (Eloy, 2008) in electricity. From the design and disturbance points of view, this concept will limit the use of moving parts and assembly in order to reduce both the structural fatigue and noise emission. One of the main challenges of the project lie in the prediction of multi-modal operating points in order to extend the operability range of the energy harvester.
The PhD will be co-supervised at Institut PPRIME (CNRS, University of Poitiers, ISAE-ENSMA) in France and at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Pavia in Italy. From theoretical and numerical analysis, an experimental demonstrator will be designed and operated in the fluid-mechanics facilities of Institut PPRIME.

Short bibliography:
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