Description du poste

Cost effective DG implementations with hybridization will be explored. Different hybridization techniques including discontinuous mass flux HDG, continuous mass flux HDG and point-wise divergence free HDG will be developed and compared so the best option can be identified for two different targets. The first one is based on a moderate order of polynomial approximation but optimized for order of accuracy aiming at RANSE simulation, and the second one is based on high order polynomial approximation optimized for numerical stability aiming at hybrid RANSE/LES simulation. A hp adaptation can be used to combine both optimal approaches for practical application.

This post-doc position focuses on higher order discretization (3rd order and higher) of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation for hydrodynamic application with complex geometry at high Reynolds including free-surface. It is performed in the framework of Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) approach implemented for unstructured hybrid mesh containing non-conforming tetrahedral, pyramidal, prism and hexahedral elements. Free-surface discontinuity will be handled with XDG. Morphing and moving mesh with high order curved elements needs to be taken into account. The target application is hydrodynamic engineering simulation with RANSE or hybrid RANSE/LES modelization.