Description du poste

The main goal of this work is the coupling of the hydrodynamic solvers NEMOH and HOSOcean with the aero-servo-elastic model of QBlade-Ocean. The work is split into three tasks:

  • Coupling of the linear potential solver NEMOH with structural solver.

QBlade-Ocean will permit the user to treat the floating platform as a flexible structure. Accounting for floater structural deflection requires the pressure impulse response functions to be calculated in the NEMOH pre-processor. To enable this modelling feature, new developments shall be implemented into NEMOH.

  • Second-order hydrodynamic loads in NEMOH

In this task, the calculation of the quadratic transfer function formulation (QTF) shall be incorporated into NEMOH. The QTF allows for the treatment of second-order hydrodynamic loads due to both platform motion and incoming waves. The development shall occur within the NEMOH environment and through the coupling to QBlade-Ocean.

  • Higher order wave interaction forces

This task is dedicated to the integration of the open-source code HOS-Ocean into QBlade-Ocean. The HOS-ocean nonlinear wave solver together with its post-processing library Grid2Grid describes in an accurate and efficient way the wave kinematics. The successful integration to QBlade-Ocean will permit the treatment of higher order wave loads.

Modalités de candidature

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